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Who We Are


We are Luc and Nate (pictured to the left and right respectively). We met back in 2015 in Washington, D.C. Nate lived there (and still lives just outside) and Luc was interning at the Bureau of Indian Affairs for the summer.

We bonded over a summer filled with too much booze, too much trouble, and passion for nerdy things. At the time, we were passionate about developing our interpersonal communication skills. This is basically a polite way to say we enjoyed meeting women at bars and other events.

Now we are passionate about all manner of things including Bitcoin, finance, business, politics, and, yes, improving our interpersonal skills but now we actually mean it. (Hey, we all mature eventually.)

At the urging, of a mutual friend Henry, we launched this podcast so we can discuss these topics more in-depth. 

We're glad you found us.

Enjoy the show!

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